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Film (Full Length) – 1980


The fierce cold and awesome isolation of Antarctica is evoked in this 1980 NFU survey of scientific projects and life on New Zealand’s Ross Dependency. Geological and wildlife work is counterpointed by domestic details: a “housewifely” cleaning regime, an impressive liquor order, time-marking beards, and radio chatter at odds with the desolation. There’s poignant footage of one of the last sightseeing flights before the Erebus disaster; and the doco grapples with the uneasy possibility that research may lead to exploitation of the continent’s natural resources.

The nearest thing you can get to being on the moon, on earth.
– Interviewee

Key Cast & Crew

Profile image for David Sims

David Sims

Writer, Producer

Generic Profile image for Bayly Watson

Bayly Watson


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Ross Chambers


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Lynton Diggle

Director, Additional Photography

Generic Profile image for Steve Douché

Steve Douché

Sound Editor

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Judith Scannell


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