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Hero image for Anzac: Tides of Blood

Anzac: Tides of Blood

Television (Trailer) – 2015

When we are being pushed into conflicts where it may not be wise to enter, invoking the spirit of Anzac you have to exercise a healthy size of scepticism when you hear the word.
– Sam Neill, on the manipulation of the Anzac myth, in a 19 April 2015 Dominion Post article
After a deluge of Gallipoli-ocentric documentaries and World War I stories in a television week where all channels strained to be on theme, Tides of Blood stood out. Sam Neill's exploration of the mythologising of one particular disastrous campaign involving Australia and New Zealand was respectful and enquiring, Neill stating up front at the beginning of this stunningly beautifully shot documentary: "I hate militarism, loathe nationalism but honour those who served."
– Jane Bowron in a Dominion Post review, 2 May 2015
If Sam says 'we' or 'us', both audiences know exactly who he's talking about.
– Producer Owen Hughes on Neill's ability to appeal to both Australian and NZ audiences, Dominion Post 19 April 2015
I had no interest in making a sort of dry history of Anzac. I'm not a historian and I didn't want to be dry. It seemed to us that seeing Anzac in part through my family could be interesting. Not that there is anything unique about my family at all, we just represent a lot of other families.
– Sam Neill on his approach to the documentary, The Dominion Post 25 April 2015