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Hero image for Atoll People

Atoll People

Short Film (Full Length) – 1970

The islands owe their discovery to Commodore Byron, fruitlessly searching for the mutineers from Captain Bligh's Bounty. But having been discovered they were left unwanted, until the pleas of the islanders persuaded Britain to annex them in 1916. New Zealand assumed responsibility for them in 1925 ...
– From the narration (Tokelauans may disagree about their discovery!)
Small everyday things need explaining: the things we take for granted: telephones and groceries.
– From the narration
Can I get some coconuts there?
– A Tokelauan asks about New Zealand
There's no lack of people wanting to go to New Zealand, but few have any conception of what they're going to, nor realise the great changes and adjustments they'll have to make in their new world.
– From the narration
From an island home where more than 800 live on five acres, across the sea to a city where within its boundaries are parks larger by far than the reef-fringed land of their birth.
– From the narration
Fish forms a major part of their diet, but since their fishing grounds out beyond the reef have been discovered by the Korean and Japanese fleets, bonito and tuna are now more difficult to locate, and time is spent dangling a hook for whatever happens along ...
– From the narration