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Hero image for Away Laughing - First Episode

Away Laughing - First Episode

Television (Full Length Episode) – 1991's amazing what you can do with a Motorhead T-shirt and an Anglia roof rack eh?
– Darryl Hoon (David Downs) tells you how gnarly you are.
– Scuzzo the skateboarder (Jon Bridges) describes his amazing watch
...I haven't had much luck with jobs lately, as you know. So I've decided to get married, and make that my job: like Diana and Fergie, and our Rachel — although I wouldn't want an old Rod, like she's got.
– Society lady Felicity (Vicki Walker)
No politics, absolutely none. No public figures. It’s mostly the exact opposite of a show like More Issues … We’ve done our bit, we’ve done our politics and spoofs of newsreaders and public figures.
– Producer Dave Gibson on how Away Laughing differs from earlier Gibson Group show Public Eye, The Listener, 6 May 1991, page 68
We'll be able to tell better whether something is genuinely funny or not ... if we do a sketch down there and nobody laughs, we’re not going to put it in the show. It gives them [actors] confidence that what they’re doing is funny. We're hoping it will affect the way they perform, their timing...
– Producer Dave Gibson on the advantages of filming Away Laughing before a live theatre audience, The Listener, 6 May 1991, page 68