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Baby You're Oh So

SJD , Music Video – 2009

from the album Dayglo Spectres (2020)

Musician SJD (Sean James Donnelly) has been described by music critic Gary Steel as "New Zealand's answer to Beck" possessing "similar abilities to collide worlds". This single, from SJD's fifth album Dayglo Spectres, mixes sweet lyrics and backing vocals from 1960s pop with synth sounds from the 1980s onwards. SJD throws in a witty delayed vocal tic in the chorus, mimicking an interrupted internet connection. The video is a human free zone with all the images made up of ASCII, the character encoding standard for electronic communication. Brothers Dominic and Simon Taylor directed the video. 

I'll never be a stereotypical pop star, sniffing cocaine off some model's arse. But I still think of what I do as pop music, even though others might think it's a little too weird or sad or subtle. It's pervert pop, really. It's a little bit peculiar.
– SJD talks to music writer Grant Smithies, Sunday Star-Times, 8 March 2015

Key Cast & Crew

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Sean Donnelly (SJD)


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Dominic Taylor

Co-Director, Producer

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Simon Taylor

Co-Director, Producer