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Back From the Dead - The Saga of the Rose Noelle Television (Full Length) – 1996 Documentary

Back From the Dead - The Saga of the Rose Noelle

Television (Full Length) – 1996 Documentary

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John is my uncle-in-law, and, while I certainly do not share his views on religion, and find no reason to ascribe anything to any god or gods, I certainly completely accept the story of being capsized for 119 days. I remember as a teenager being the one who took the phone call which was the police letting us, his relatives in Blenheim, know that he was thought to be lost at sea. Nearly 4 months later, we were elated to hear of the incredible survival. I heard extra detail of the tense relationships and the day to day incidents which has never been publicised, and only adds depth to the story, and its veracity. Actually, the simple size of the barnacles and growth on parts of the wreckage of the boat which should have been well-above the waterline and up in the air, should put paid to any detractors. John always had some 'odd' views on the nature of things, and does to this day. This certainly comes out in the movies that I have seen. But, each to their own. I still have photos taken of the Rose-Noelle when it was at berth in Picton in 1988. Magnificent, even then.

Russell T

Russell T 13 Feb 2017 - 09.48pm

Praise God, the Lord truly saved them. Just watched on Netflix, thanks for sharing story and making movie..loved how creative they were at sea.


Connie 17 Jul 2016 - 02.14pm

excellent documentary excerpt........Certainly a test of character and will, as well as the courage to work together.

i. plattmann

i. plattmann 21 May 2012 - 02.38pm

G'day Carol. How nice to hear from you..write me on face book
my new book is out on ebook
Kindle :

luv ya John

John Glennie

John Glennie 14 May 2012 - 05.54pm

Hello John. Good to see this important story is getting out. All the best, Carol P. from Highlight days.

Carol Posz

Carol Posz 11 Jan 2012 - 07.24am

Yeah, looks good. Where do we get the full doco? Just discovered Jim's book. Family knew Jim and Rick through holidaying in the sounds.


Queequeg 2 Aug 2011 - 04.38pm

john is a friend where do I get this dvd from?

mary sterling

mary sterling 26 Jul 2011 - 03.44pm

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