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Hero image for The Ballad of Buckskin Bob

The Ballad of Buckskin Bob

Ian Morris (aka Tex Pistol) , Music Video – 1986

from the single The Ballad of Buckskin Bob (2021)
This pioneering, monophonic 8-bit floppy disc sampler enabled Morris to record almost every instrument in an epic arrangement of ‘Buckskin Bob’ and another Dickheads’ song, ‘Winter’. The sonic effects were panoramic, dramatic and humorous, with many musical references; think Sergio Leone meets Lee Hazlewood. Morris was reluctant to release the recordings, but was persuaded to put them out using a pseudonym. “Ian Morris just didn’t sound poppy enough,” he said, and an alias suited his take-it-or-leave-it approach to fame. “Tex Pistol” was appropriate to the songs, and the tongue-in-cheek spirit with which they were recorded.
– Excerpt from Chris Bourke's profile of Ian Morris, AudioCulture website, 11 February 2014
Wish I was a wild Texan cowboy, in the land of the brave and the true...
– Opening lyrics to 'The Ballad of Buckskin Bob'
Buckskin Bob rest on your laurels lightly, there's a place for heroes like you, behind the credits of a thousand movies...
– The closing verse of 'The Ballad of Buckskin Bob'