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Beauty and the Beast - Episode 1000

Television (Full Length Episode) – 1980

For nearly a decade, Selwyn Toogood and his panel of beauties helped solve life’s tricky problems every weekday afternoon. In this special 1000th episode, the problems range from a nine-year-old’s unaffectionate grandparents, to being caught between feuding neighbours. Making a special appearance is loyal viewer Ruth Flashoff, who is flown from Havelock North to Dunedin's Regent Theatre for the show. Toogood also gives praise to those behind the scenes, meets his old boss Christopher Bourn, and reels off an impressive list of statistics about the camera team.

In the course of making these programmes, cameramen have consumed about 5000 cigarettes, 2000 cups of coffee, 2000 games of pinball, 600 meals, 250 books, and invested $650 with the TAB. Individual cameramen have heard Selwyn say "Morning all" about 597 times and disagreed silently with the panelists' opinions about 18,043 times.
– Selwyn Toogood on the trials of the show's cameramen and women

Key Cast & Crew

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Shona McFarlane


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Brian Stewart


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Selwyn Toogood


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Frances Neill-Weston


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Trevor Deaker

Vision Control

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Jennifer Henderson

Vision Mixer

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