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Dilemmas - 3 December 1993

Television (Full Length Episode) – 1993

In 1993, advice show Dilemmas introduced a new host to replace Australian GP Kerryn Phelps. With Marcus Lush at the helm, this episode features panelists Ginette McDonald, Alice Worsley and George Balani. Among the troubles the group deal with are an anonymous phone call about an affair, and a self-professed "nice guy" who can’t hold a date. Lush gets briefly distracted by an abundance of pens on his desk, before the team touch on problem smoking in the office and George Balani, resplendent in novelty Bugs Bunny tie, suggests calling in the Mongrel Mob.

You should say something over the dinner table just as he's about to have a mouthful of mashed potato. You just say "I got a phone call today. You know it was the stupidest thing ... but they said that you're having an affair with someone" ... And if he chokes on his mashed potato then you get up and you say "There y'are ya rotter, I knew you were!" and then you have a go at him.
– Alice Worsley, on how to deal with anonymous allegations your husband is having an affair

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Marcus Lush


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John Lye


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George Balani


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