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Benson & Hedges Fashion Design Awards 1978

Television (Full Length) – 1978

Pure fantasy is always with us in fashion, as a way of bringing dreams alive.
– Presenter Josephine Brody
And the pattern in tans and black is woven to give a resemblance of Māori design units. The garment is 50% handspun; the yarn used is from a romney southdown cross hogget fleece ...
– Brody introduces a wool design in the Handcrafted Wool Fashion section
As an Oscar is to actors, a Benson & Hedges Fashion Design Award was to aspiring New Zealand fashion designers. To be nominated for, or to win, one of these coveted awards, especially the Supreme Award for the most outstanding design over all, was considered the pinnacle of fashion achievement
– From the NZ Fashion Museum entry on the B&H Awards