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The Big Art Trip - Series One, Episode Two

Television (Full Length Episode) – 2001

In episode two of The Big Art Trip hosts Douglas Lloyd-Jenkins and Nick Ward discover the art of crochet with sculptor Ani O’Neill and attend CAKE Collective’s roadside poster exhibition where they talk to photographer Deborah Smith. They also visit renowned sculptor Greer Twiss in his studio, talk with young multi-media artist Gerald Phillips about his music videos for band Betchadupa, drop in on painter and political activist Emily Karaka and head to Whangarei to see filmmaker Kingi Rummler (then known by Gregory King) and Rosalie Carey, the veteran star of his award-winning short film Junk.

We’re stuck in the city with this cacophony of imagery and suddenly there are these beautiful black and white images.
– Deborah Smith on using outside urban environments as exhibition space.

Key Cast & Crew

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Nick Ward


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Jill Graham


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Reuben Pillsbury


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Kingi Rummler (aka Gregory King)


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Douglas Lloyd Jenkins


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Janice Finn


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