Blindspott carved out a niche for themselves in 2001 with breakthrough single 'Nil By Mouth'. Labelled a West Auckland take on the West Coast nu-metal of bands like Linkin Park and Korn, their self-titled album arrived in 2002, debuting at number one. It was a feat repeated in 2006 with second album End the Silence, which dumped the DJs and hip-hop beats for more guitars. Blindspott disbanded in 2007. After reforming temporarily in 2009, they were reborn as Blacklistt and scored a chart-topping album in 2013, following legal battles with departed drummer Shelton Woolright over using the band's original name.  

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2013 - Music video

After a legal skirmish with ex drummer Shelton Woolright over rights to the Blindspott name ended in stalemate, the reformed members of New Zealand’s alt-metal institution opted to continue as Blacklistt. For ‘Burn’, the third promo from the band's 2013 self-titled album, London-based expat director Anthony Plant (By Your Side) transforms the brutal combat of Thai kickboxing into a slow motion ballet. “This clip was made to really showcase the beauty and peace of Muay Thai,” he explained. “...despite it being an aggressive sport there is a real spirituality that surrounds it.”

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2006 - Music video

Shot near Anawhata Beach, west of Auckland, this clip from award-winning music video director Sam Peacocke (Manurewa, Shihad - Beautiful Machine) offers shades of classic Vincent Ward film Vigil, thanks to its images of moody rural landscapes, and kids watching bleak relationships go bad. Blindspott perform the track against foreboding macrocarpas which have a life of their own. The clip was judged Best Rock Video in the 2007 Vodafone Juice TV Awards.

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S.U.I.T (So Us Is This)

2002 - Music video

Taken from Blindspott’s self-titled debut album, 'S.U.I.T.' is a prime example of the heavy nu-metal sound that made the band popular across New Zealand. Like a gig-as-fight-club, the group perform most of this energetic clip in a cage, to an agitated crowd; at times the images themselves appear to be coming loose on screen. The song is unusual for including rapped verses, an aspect of Blindspott's music that would be phased out by second album End the Silence. The lyrics include some coarse language. Blindspott broke up in 2007; most of the original members now perform as Blacklistt.