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Hero image for Blue Morning/Blue Day

Blue Morning/Blue Day

The Kiwi Animal , Music Video – 1984

from the album Music Media (1984)

'Blue Morning /Blue Day' is drawn from the first album by Brent Hayward and Julie Cooper, aka The Kiwi Animal. The fiercely independent Hooper embraced a DIY ethos. Cooper is a theatre performer, poet and journalist. The lyrics for 'Blue Morning /Blue Day' are hers. The song is an impressionistic portrait of two people in a landscape, the vocals weaving in and around a simple acoustic guitar line. The video is similarly stripped back: the duo are seated on bales of hay evoking a barn dance feel ,and they sing bathed in blue light. The song feels timeless but Cooper's coat and layered haircut are very late 1980s.   

Traditional folk has a more traditional chord structure, but I also made these atonal droney notes that would repeat. That came through my introduction to groups like Can, who were repetitive, hypnotic — I thought I could get away with that on guitar.
– Musician Brent Hayward on the "radical acoustic music" of the first Kiwi Animal album Music Media, AudioCulture website, 15 June 2015