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Hero image for Bob Jones - Doing God's Work?

Bob Jones - Doing God's Work?

Television (Full Length) – 1984

Do you believe in strong leadership mate? Because I'm going to come down there and give you some shortly so watch yourself.
– Bob Jones, to a heckler
It's true we're greedy, and why not? We're greedy for a better nation, we're tired of second best ... this is not Haiti.
– Jones speaks the New Zealand Party creed
Oh Christ, we haven't done industrial relations, and we must!
– Jones amidst the headiness of creating policy on the fly
They'll make no significant impact, in my view, on the results.
– Rob Muldoon on the New Zealand Party
Many came for entertainment, [but] few showed deep electoral commitment. Jones drank heavily from this well of illusory support and who could blame him...
– From the narration, on the crowds that Jones attracted
There’s no way that Lange can stay there more than three years unless he just turns into a right wing, laissez-faire sort of capitalist…
– Bob Jones predicts the future