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Captive - First Episode

Television (Full Length Episode) – 2004

Five strangers give up their freedom to live in the confines of an apartment together in this 2004 reality series. It’s not all for nought though — $40,000 is up for grabs. Alliances are formed and newfound friendships quickly betrayed, as the contestants try to keep things civil with their inescapable roommates. The contestants in this first episode are builder Riki, project officer Marcella, business developer Brett, and students CC and “nice guy” Arron. Retracting walls leading to the quiz area and food delivered in a perspex box remind contestants they are totally trapped.

I think in this sort of show I think the nice guy probably could win because it's with other people, and when alliances come into it everybody's gonna want to form an alliance with the nice guy because they think they'll be able to trust him.
– Arron Smith, on his strategy

Key Cast & Crew

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Simon Fleming

Reality Director

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John Aiken


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Michelle Walshe

Reality Director

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Glenn Sims


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Julia Baylis

Network Executive

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Fiona McDonald


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Touchdown Productions