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Hero image for Living the Dream - Full Series

Living the Dream - Full Series

Television (Full Length Episodes) – 2004

This outlandish take on The Truman Show sees vineyard worker Sam taking part in a 'reality' show where the housemates are actually fakes. The cast play up to the cliches of reality TV across 10 episodes, while dodgy host Mark Ferguson sets ridiculous challenges (cockroach eating, wet t-shirt reading). Guests include Charlotte Dawson (episode three), Matthew Ridge (five) and TV executive Andrew Shaw (seven). In episode six Sam creates turmoil by admitting he's ready to leave. The Spinoff 's Alex Casey called it a "one off, never to be repeated format". The cast were only told the show's secrets after winning their parts. Sarah Thomson ('rich bitch' Tiffany) later played an undercover cop on Shortland Street.

Standing up there, I felt that basically that my career's over ... I'll probably never work in this country, or the Southern Hemisphere, again.
– Stephen Hall (Mule) on parading in a leopard skin G-string, in the swap your underwear contest in episode one

Produced by

Touchdown Productions