Producer Chong-Nee has worked with Che Fu, Deceptikonz, Dave Dobbyn, PNC and Dei Hamo (with whom he co-wrote number one hit 'We Gon Ride'). Of Samoan-Māori-Chinese descent, Matakite John Chong-Nee stepped out from behind the decks in 2006 to release his debut album Just Getting By On Love. He went on to collect awards for Best Male Artist and Best Hip Hop Artist at the 2007 Pacific Music Awards. Chong-Nee and Friends followed in 2010; a third album is in production. Chong-Nee has also been a member of r'n'b duo AKA Brown (with Sam Feo ll) and reggae group Foundation. 

You Got My Heart

2006 - Music video

This soulful ballad highlights Chong-Nee on the mic, backed by horns and strings. The song is taken from his debut album Just Getting By On Love (2006). Inspired by classic singers like Al Green, Chong-Nee set out to record a number of songs live, including this one. Befitting the song's old school stylings, director Martha Jeffries uses an extremely narrow colour palette. Jeffries also helmed the music videos for Chong-Nee singles 'Black Widow' and 'Scenarios'. 


2006 - Music video

This black and white music video features Chong-Nee and guest vocalist Niki Ahu encouraging a neighbour to drop her two-timing boyfriend. The song peaked at number 17 on the New Zealand charts in early 2006. The video was one of three directed by Martha Jeffries for John Chong-Nee's debut album Just Getting By On Love. Jeffries later relocated to the United States, where she directed episodes of Emmy award-winning climate change series Years of Living Dangerously

Black Widow

2006 - Music video

This Chong-Nee music video pays tribute to a young pole dancer who is a "master of her game". Skater turned TV presenter (Target) and nightclub operator (The Pony Club) Brooke Howard-Smith plays a fan paying for a visit, while Dei Hamo grabs a comfortable seat nearby to provide guest vocals. Musician and producer John Chong-Nee had collaborated with Dei Hamo before this track — the pair worked together on 'We Gon Ride', which topped the Kiwi singles charts for five weeks in late 2004.