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Cinema Television (Full Length) – 1981 Arts/Culture

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Screening as Goodbye Pork Pie packed cinemas and gave hope that Kiwi films were here to stay, this 1981 TV documentary attempts to combine history lesson with some crystal ball gazing on what might lie ahead for the newly reborn film industry. Host Ian Johnstone wonders if three local movies per year might be a "fairly ambitious" target; producer John Barnett argues for the upside of overseas filmmakers shooting downunder. Also interviewed: Pork Pie director Geoff Murphy, veteran producer John O'Shea, and the NZ Film Commission's first Chairman, Bill Sheat.

I think the main thrust has to be on the development of a local industry ... I see the input from foreign sources as providing the backup, as providing continual employment, as providing development of skills in certain areas which we still don't have ... I think it is possible for us to develop something here that is mostly New Zealand-dominated. I do think that's important.
– Producer John Barnett