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Goodbye Pork Pie

Film (Trailer, Excerpts, and Extras) – 1981

Parental Guidance

Goodbye Pork Pie was a low-budget sensation, definitively proving Kiwis could make blockbusters too. Young Gerry (Kelly Johnson) steals a yellow Mini from a Kaitaia rental company. Heading south, he meets John (Tony Barry), who wants his wife back, and hitchhiker Shirl (Claire Oberman). Soon they're heading to Invercargill, with the police in pursuit. High on hair-raising driving and a childlike sense of joy, the Blondini gang are soon hailed as folk heroes, on screen and off. Remake Pork Pie (2017) was directed by Matt Murphy — son of Geoff, who drove the original film. 

I told you we shouldn't sell the flags.
– Gerry (Kelly Johnson)

Produced by

  • Pork Pie Productions

  • AMA Productions

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Pork Pie

Trailer for the 2017 remake

Crumpy and Scotty - Toyota Hilux

More classic Kiwi driving

Clav Dub

Music video inspired by Pork Pie

Queen Street

Kelly Johnson stars in this tale of Queen Street car culture

Home by Christmas

Features actor Tony Barry

Campbell Live - Driving Dogs

Another high profile Mini

Mark II

Another classic Kiwi road movie

Never Say Die

Another Geoff Murphy film with chase scenes

Pheno was Here

Kelly Johnson goes on the run again

Blowin' Dirt

Music video where a small car is re-deconstructed

The Life of Ian

Ian Mune discusses co-writing Pork Pie


Also directed by Geoff Murphy

Buck House - Escorts Unlimited Ltd

NZ TV's first sitcom, starring Tony Barry

Trio at the Top

A documentary about three Kiwi motor-racing legends:...

The Quiet Earth

Also directed by Geoff Murphy

Monaco Monza Macao Wellington

Legal street racing

Numero Bruno

Documentary on Bruno Lawrence

Monkey Tale

More reckless driving


Another Kiwi road movie

Kaleidoscope - NZ Cinema, the Past Decade

Goodbye Pork Pie features in this survey of NZ film

Don't Let it Get You

Features another road trip in a Mini

North by North

Another trippy Kiwi road-trip

The Making of Home by Christmas

Includes Tony Barry interview

Shaker Run

More car chases and stunts

Rollin' thru New Zealand with Kenny Rogers and The First Edition

Another way to see New Zealand

Rally, Like Little Boys in a Man-sized Sport

A different sort of motoring tour of New Zealand


Another iconic kiwi automobile

Tank Busters

More Geoff Murphy action

Wild Man

Geoff Murphy's first feature

Grand Prix Down Under

50s newsreel of the NZ Grand Prix

Steel Riders - Bloodstones (First Episode)

More car chases

Loose Enz - The Pumice Land

Goodbye Pork Pie writer/director Geoff Murphy in front of...

Rest for the Wicked

Tony Barry starred in this

Carry Me Back

More Kiwiana starring Kelly Johnson

Hang on a Minute Mate

Kelly Johnson in another Kiwi road movie

Beautiful New Zealand

A more scenic tour through NZ

Starlight Hotel

A Kiwi road trip from an earlier era

Barefoot Cinema

A film about cinematographer Alun Bollinger

Hurry Hurry Faster Faster

One of Geoff Murphy's earliest films

Milestones - The Tour of the Century

A length of the country motor journey in the other direction

Playing Possum

Another road movie

Utu Redux

The 2013 Utu redux


Another road movie featuring lawbreakers

The Taking Mood

Another cinematic car caper

Margan's Musical Move

A tiki-touring pianist

Hitch Hike

More hitchhiking

Penny Black

More rebels on the run

The Sealhunters

A very different Kiwi road trip

For Arts Sake - A Century of Cinema

NZ Film Commission's Lindsay Shelton discusses Kiwi films

Motormania - Episode One

More touring of New Zealand

The Motor Show - Minis

A programme all about Minis in NZ

Kaleidoscope - NZ Film Archive

Memorabilia from this film features in this show

Pāia - V8 Car (Series One, Episode Three)

Driving in a V8