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Hero image for Doodlin' - Impressions of Len Lye

Doodlin' - Impressions of Len Lye

Television (Full Length) – 1987

They're too complicated to get into. They were so personal and he thought everyone would understand them so easily and I don't think anybody really did. And I spent years of my life rewriting and typing and trying to make these things comprehensible. So then I'd give them to him and he'd correct it all! So I finally quit, I said no more. He'd change it all back to incomprehensible!
– Len Lye's second wife Ann Zeiss, on his ideas
...you can tap the old brain's knowledge that the cells themselves are telling you of their life and therefore yours, and giving information that there's no way to get through consciousness. In other words you have to go into a really deep unconsciousness to get this information...
– American experimental filmmaker Stan Brakhage, trying to summarise Len Lye's ideas
In my studio, I make these type of models, it's kind of a prototype. And they're really planned for the big scale image. For instance this is now nine feet and this is six foot high. Why, it would be 60 foot high and 90 foot long ... when it's that size it would serve as a gateway, a gateway to a temple.
– Len Lye, on his sculpture Universe