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Hero image for April Sun in Cuba

April Sun in Cuba

Dragon , Music Video – 1977

from the album Running Free (1977)

Dragon's 'April Sun in Cuba' (from 1977 album Running Free) was originally released in Australia, where it charted at number two. New Zealand loved to hear Marc Hunter talking about Cuba and missile love too: in 1978, the song hit number nine. Later the Hunter/Paul Hewson composition made number 10 on the APRA list of Top 100 NZ Songs. This video, directed in Australia by music video maestro Russell Mulcahy (The Wild Boys, Highlander), features the band in full big-hair rock star mode: a white-suited Marc Hunter gets in some high kicks while bassist brother Todd maintains his cool from behind his sunnies.

Key Cast & Crew

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Russell Mulcahy


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