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For this Garageland video, British director Gina Birch filmed the band multiple times, before dissecting the footage and reconstructing it in segments. By splitting the screen equally into 12 squares, Birch creates some unusual distortions of time and space, including one head becoming two, and mirrors being used to dazzle the camera. The video was shot in London. Birch was a founding member of British post-punk band The Raincoats; she has gone on to direct videos for New Order, The Pogues, and The Libertines.

[John Cale] said he loved the song and wanted to play piano on it. We agreed that this was a good idea and that was that. The final product is still one of my favourite Garageland recordings and John Cale does indeed play piano on it.
– Drummer Andrew Gladstone on working with ex Velvet Underground musician John Cale on 'Feel Alright', AudioCulture, 4 September 2015

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