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For the People

Nesian Mystik , Music Video – 2002

from the album Polysaturated (2002)

The concept for this 2002 video sees the Nesian Mystik boys preparing for a party, while snapping and sharing 'pixt' photos of each other. The video harks back to an age when sending photos by mobile phone was new, exciting...and expensive. The perils of public snoozing in this new age are also demonstrated. As Kiwi music video aficionado Robyn Gallagher has noted, the pre-smartphone video nearly anticipates a future where an entire music video would "be able to be shot on a phone camera." Taken from Nesian Mystik’s debut album Polysaturated, the Silver Scroll winning single was a top ten hit.

...there are no selfies. All the things that curmudgeons complain about with digital photography today are absent in this video. Instead it’s nice little fuzzy snaps of people smiling, photos that don’t interfere with real life. Everyone’s at the party, having a good time.
– Robyn Gallagher on this video, on her website 5000 Ways to Love You, 13 September 2013