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Hero image for Bathe in the River

Bathe in the River

Hollie Smith and the Mt Raskil Preservation Society , Music Video – 2006

from the album Various - No. 2 Soundtrack (2006)

Don McGlashan wrote this "secular gospel" song for a key scene in Toa Fraser's film No. 2: where matriarch Nanna Maria watches her family at a party, and says "look at all that life". 'Bathe in the River' won an APRA Silver Scroll songwriting award. It spent 22 weeks in the charts and rose to number two. The song only became a single thanks to public demand, fuelled partly by this video, shot at the house of a relative of Fraser's. It features cast, crew and associated children gathering for a backyard performance by vocalist Hollie Smith, accompanied by McGlashan and the rest of the Mount Raskil Preservation Society.


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