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Four Women

Teremoana Rapley , Music Video – 1995

from the single Four Women (1995)

Teremoana Rapley  an important early beacon of representation for young Polynesian women in the 1990s made a bold statement with her second solo single, a cover of Nina Simone’s 'Four Women'. The four women of each verse are provocative archetypes of 1960s African American women. Rapley's choice to omit their names couldn’t thwart the political power of the song, with Rapley later stating that it was "initially given an 'A' rotate listing on commercial radio stations throughout Aotearoa, until the networks listened to the lyrics and took it completely off-air". ‘Four Women’ was released as a single in 1995.

The video sees Teremoana dressing as the four women. There’s Aunt Sarah with big hair and a floral dress, Saffronia with smooth hair and a stylish waistcoat, Sweet Thing with a 1960s updo, and tomboy Peaches with her hair in Bjork-style mini buns .... Teremoana performs with four quite distinct characters – Aunt Sarah is stressed and shy, Saffronia is confident, Sweet Thing is seductive, and Peaches is bold and twitchy.
– Writer Robyn Gallagher on this video, 5000 Ways to Love You website, 22 February 2012

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