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Hero image for From the Archives: Five Decades (1960s) - Ray Columbus

From the Archives: Five Decades (1960s) - Ray Columbus

Television (Excerpts) – 2010

I'm a TV animal, even now in my 68th year. I still love television ... I'm looking at how the script was done, the it!
– Ray Columbus
It was really the first video clip that happened, in Australia or New Zealand, that launched a record.
– Ray Columbus on the video for 'She's a Mod'
They were two different hats they merged ... I was given such great advice by John Nash: he said to me 'never freak out about the show, this is your little nightclub' I mean the set was only about as big as this carpet, a tiny little set ... he said to me 'you're only entertaining one person in their living room'. I've passed that on to 1000s of acts I've auditioned over the years...
– Ray Columbus on being a pop star and TV businessman
People took chances, there were no rules...
– Ray Columbus, on the early days making music show C'mon