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Hero image for Gallery - The Chinese Community

Gallery - The Chinese Community

Television (Full Length) – 1972

This 1972 documentary captures the pulse of Chinese in New Zealand — "a close-knit, traditionally minded community" concentrated in the cities. Reporter Geoff Walker briefly charts the history of Chinese immigrants, and racist policies spanning 50 years. Jock Hoe criticises New Zealand's immigration policy towards Chinese, and says older Chinese are walking more proudly as China stands on its feet again. Young Chinese-Kiwis reveal that romance with Europeans is possible, but uncommon. Also interviewed: businessman Thomas Doo and future writer Helene Wong.

The average New Zealander doesn't see much of this. There are few public signs that traditional Chinese culture is alive and thriving in New Zealand. This anonymity is pretty indicative of the 10,000 Chinese who make up the local community.
– Reporter Geoff Walker on a Chinese lion dance in a Wellington church

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