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Gallery - Jews

Television (Full Length) – 1973

By 1973, New Zealand's Jewish community numbered as little as 4,000 members. In this episode of current affairs series Gallery, reporter Dairne Shanahan interviews individuals from this community and asks a key question: will the local Jewish population will stand the tests of time and modernity? The number of Jewish Kiwis is under threat from intermarriage and relocation of members. Those interviewed discuss being Jewish in New Zealand, the idea of marrying a non-Jew, and how strong anti-Semitism can be downunder. In the 2019 census, 8,000 Kiwis identified themselves as Jewish. 

I buy it from the kosher butcher, bring it home and in vessels set aside especially for that purpose, I soak the meat for half an hour so that the blood is taken from it. Then rinse it, and on a draining board place it and salt it thoroughly with common salt for an hour, and after that, rinse it again so that the blood is completely taken from it because we believe that blood is life and we ought not to partake of life.
– Barbara Treister on preparing meat under kosher rules

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