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Hero image for Ghost Shark 2 - Urban Jaws

Ghost Shark 2 - Urban Jaws

Film (Excerpts) – 2015


This straight-faced parody is Aotearoa's only sequel to a movie that never was. Alongside Abby Walker, co-creators Andrew Todd and Johnny Hall had the idea for a terrifying shark spirit that can attack via any form of water (e.g. steam). The duo took so long to edit the result, an American cable TV film unleashed a Ghost Shark before them. In excerpt one, the mayor of Auckland argues about impending disaster with gruff hero Tom Logan (played by Hall), and a group of friends fail to heed the warnings. Then Tom punches himself in the face and has a weepy flashback, before cameos by Rachel Smalley and David Farrier.

...everyone will die!
– Tom Logan (Johnny Hall) makes clear the seriousness of the ghost shark situation

Key Cast & Crew

Generic Profile image for Stig Eldred

Stig Eldred

As: Tom Logan's Dad

Generic Profile image for Campbell Cooley

Campbell Cooley

Mayor Jack Broody

Generic Profile image for Kathleen Burns

Kathleen Burns

As: Emily Morgan

Generic Profile image for Roberto Nascimento

Roberto Nascimento

As: Marco Guerra

Generic Profile image for Johnny Hall

Johnny Hall

Co-Director, Writer, Producer, Editor, Visual Effects, Online Editor, As: Tom Logan

Generic Profile image for Andrew Todd

Andrew Todd

Co-Director, Writer, Cinematographer, Composer, Producer, Editor, Sound Mix, Visual Effects

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Produced by

Logo for Mad Fox Films

Mad Fox Films


Logo for Mad Fox Films

Mad Fox Films


Original soundtrack available on Bandcamp

Closing credits song 'Forever and a Day' written by Andrew Todd and Johnny Hall, and performed by Secret Adventures (featuring Johnny Hall and Kathleen Burns)