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Hero image for Ghost Shark 2 - Urban Jaws

Ghost Shark 2 - Urban Jaws

Film (Excerpts) – 2015

...everyone will die!
– Tom Logan (Johnny Hall) makes clear the seriousness of the ghost shark situation
The period of making Ghost Shark 2 has been super formative. It is weird that it is such a silly movie. You hear about directors or writers going through intense personal experiences making a holocaust movie or something, but this is a movie about a ghost shark, but it taught me all this stuff about myself.
– Ghost Shark 2 co-creator Andrew Todd, in The Press, 18 June 2015
The title has this campy, schlocky B-movie feel to it. There were already movies like Megashark versus Giant Octopus and Sharknado that came out during our post-production process. They are all really bad because they are trying to be bad. We wanted to make a movie with a similarly ridiculous concept but shoot it like a serious drama ... we play it super straight and that makes it funnier in that Airplane style.
– Ghost Shark 2 co-creator Andrew Todd, in The Press, 18 June 2015
Mark, there's something we haven't told you. It's not a serial killer on the loose. What we have on our hands is a ghost shark: an undead beast that feeds on the souls of those of us who dare to walk on the land.
– Auckland Mayor Jack Broody (Campbell Cooley)
We do have another option: an explosively pumped flux compression generator. It generates an EMP without any of the...fallout. I can build one myself.
– Tom Logan (Johnny Hall) talks about how to save the day
Having a weekend up their sleeves, they decided to shoot a fake trailer ... soon after release, the trailer garnered thousands of hits and attention from websites such as io9, cinefantastique, Premiere.fr, and /film — and many people asked 'when can we see the whole movie?' It was then that [Johnny] Hall and [Andrew] Todd decided to bowl headlong into writing and directing a full-length feature film...
– Background on how the film was born, Ghost Shark 2 website