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Hero image for Warts & All - Ginette McDonald Probes the Police

Warts & All - Ginette McDonald Probes the Police

Television (Full Length Episode) – 2001

In this light-hearted documentary, actor, director and presenter Ginette McDonald sees if she's got what it takes to join their ranks of the New Zealand Police. Ginette stumbles through the physical competency test, riot and gun training and more. Along the way, she rubs elbows with the constables, sergeants, and inspectors who keep the force running smoothly. She also hits the streets to see the officers in action, trying her hand at wielding a speed gun with the traffic police, tagging along on a drugs bust, and attempting to keep pace with a determined police dog on a scent chase.

So, have I got what it takes? Well you need a lot of qualities to be a police officer, don't you? You've gotta be reasonably fit, strong stomach, good grip on the subject, fantastic eyesight, good legs and….oh yes, a brain. They need a lot more police but somehow I don’t think they need me.
– Ginette McDonald sums up the qualities needed to be a police officer, at the end of this documentary

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