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Go Easy - José Feliciano

Commercial (Full Length) – 1977

David Bellamy told Kiwis their old man’s beard had to go, Spike Milligan advised “Just put up a windmill Daddy!” … in 1977 the international celebrity counselling New Zealanders was Puerto Rican-born musician José Feliciano, telling Godzoners to “go easy” on power consumption. With the second oil shock looming, this was one of a series of 70s public service announcements produced to encourage energy conservation. The blind virtuoso — famous for songs like ‘Feliz Navidad’ and his cover of  ‘Light My Fire’ — was filmed on 3 October, a few days before his Auckland show.

In our country President Carter has urged all of us to insulate our homes and use less energy. Well, I hear that in New Zealand, you’ve been urged to do the same thing, and are doing an even better job than we are. Well, congratulations New Zealand: great! Remember: go easy, energy is everybody’s business.
– José Feliciano

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José Feliciano