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Save Power Now! - Edward Woodward

Commercial (Full Length) – 1975

In the mid-70s New Zealand was on the edge of recession, and the petroleum-dependent economy was reeling from the first oil shock (the cost of importing oil had ballooned due to restricted supply). To help conserve power, Television One and the Government-run New Zealand Electricity teamed up for a series of public service announcements. In this 1975 slot, English actor Edward Woodward — fresh from starring as secret agent Callan, and playing the uptight sergeant in cult horror The Wicker Man — raises a toast to NZ, and counsels Kiwis to ‘save power’ in his inimitable style.

I’ve had a happy time here in New Zealand. You have a beautiful country, and you’re kind and generous people, and I thank you. You’ve got winter coming on here — it’s hard to imagine looking out there, but it’s coming — so why don’t you save power, and have a happy winter. Cheers.
– Edward Woodward

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Edward Woodward