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Grandfather's Footsteps

Television (Full Length) – 2020

In 1916 Lieutenant Colonel Lawrence 'Curly' Blyth, left New Zealand to fight in World War l. In 2018, his grandchildren director David Blyth and David's sister Jennifer Radford and great grandson retraced his footsteps in Europe. Stopping first in Cairo, Egypt, where Curly trained for the battlefield, the descendants are captured on camels, echoing a photo of Curly doing the same. Then they travel around France, where Curly fought, visiting several gravesites of fallen soldiers. Curly would earn a French Legion of Honour. Grandfather's Footsteps screened as part of Maori Television's Anzac Day programming.

It did help us, there's no question about that. Helped us to restore our feelings, and our sanity. You couldn't dwell too long on those things.
– Curly Blyth on how rum helped the troops cope with war

Key Cast & Crew

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Salma Waleed Ekram

Camera Operator - British University in Egypt

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Edward Larsen

Post-Production, Editor

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Stephen Latty


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Reem Mahmoud Rashwan

Camera Operator - British University in Egypt

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Jed Town


Profile image for David Blyth

David Blyth

Director, Producer

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