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Victor 4 Company

Television (Full Length) – 2019

New Zealand's involvement in two world wars saw some Kiwi soldiers hailed as heroes. But the Vietnam War made many Kiwi veterans feel their service wasn't valued. Over 3000 Kiwis served in Vietnam during the 60s and 70s, in a war that was highly controversial and attracted protest. This documentary from David Blyth (Moonrise) interviews six veterans from the Anzac battalion 6 RAR Victor 4 Company. The group talks about the deep bond they share and disappointment over how they were treated when they returned home. Kiwi veterans finally received their "welcome home" at an official ceremony in 2008. 

Welcome home. Only two words, two of the most significant words to Kiwi soldiers.
– Lance Corporal Geoffrey Dixon on the significance of Kiwi Vietnam War veterans receiving an official welcome home

Key Cast & Crew

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David Blyth

Director, Producer, Interviewer

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Jed Town


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Stephen Latty


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Edward Larsen

Editor, Post Production

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