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Hero image for Great Crunchie Train Robbery  - Cadbury Crunchie

Great Crunchie Train Robbery - Cadbury Crunchie

Commercial (Full Length) – 1975

A mainstay on cinema and TV screens for over 20 years, this commercial — reputedly NZ’s longest-running — made Kiwis feel as if the UK-born hokey pokey treasure was ‘ours’. Directed by Tony Williams, the madcap romp features a bevy of 70s acting talent caught up in chaos, after outlaws start a free for all fight for a chest of Crunchie bars. A connection with Martin Scorsese’s editor allowed access to footage from old Westerns, while the immortal tune is by Murray Grindlay. Williams overspent his meagre budget, and a lawn mower given to him as a thank you ended up his fee.

"Have a Crunchie, hokey pokey bar. Crazy Crunchie, hokey pokey bar."
– From the ad's song

Produced by

  • Tony Williams Productions

  • Colenso