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Hero image for Great War Stories 3 - The Marquette

Great War Stories 3 - The Marquette

Television (Full Length Episode) – 2016

We were going along quite smoothly and contented, when we were electrified into action by a terrific explosion, and the ship tremored like a first class New Zealand earthquake.
– Kiwi soldier Bernard Bell on the sinking of The Marquette, The Evening Post, 13 December 1915
There were rumours of torpedoes, of course, and we had lifebelt drill for two days, which we really took hardly seriously I am afraid.
– Nurse Edith Popplewell, a survivor of The Marquette sinking
It was nine hours before the survivors were rescued. 167 people drowned, including 10 New Zealand nurses.
– Narrator Hilary Barry
She proved herelf to be a woman of remarkable ability, strength, courage and endurance.
– Actor Antonia Prebble on playing nurse Hilda Steele in TV series Anzac Girls