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Havoc Presents Quality Time - First Episode

Television (Full Length Episode) – 2004

Havoc Presents Quality Time marked a new venture for Mikey Havoc. For the first time he flew solo  without his usual sidekick of Jeremy "Newsboy" Wells  and had moved from TVNZ to TV3. Each episode explores a different topic through a combination of sketches, interviews and other comedy bits, in a loose and chaotic style. The first episode was coming in hot, with the highly political themes of 9/11, the war on terror, and the United States as a world power. While in Wellington, Havoc tries to get an interview with the United States Ambassador to New Zealand, before a brief catchup with Prime Minister Helen Clark.

You know, there's not many countries you can just pop in and see the PM, and it made me grateful to live in this beautiful country that we call home — New Zealand.
– Mikey Havoc reflecting on his interview with Prime Minister Helen Clark

Key Cast & Crew

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Dave Slade


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Mikey Havoc

Executive Producer, Presenter

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Bill Kerton


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Nic Craig

Executive Producer, Producer

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Oliver Driver

Creative Director

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Francis Glenday


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