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He Oranga He Oranga - Healing Journeys

Film (Full Length) – 2007

This feature-length documentary introduces 11 Kiwi cancer survivors. Their differing approaches to dealing with the illness have a recurring theme — the power of the mind. The interviewees share their experiences of alternate medications and treatments that they found helpful. These include meditation, Chinese and herbal medicines, organic food diets, naturopathy, and shifting mindsets. Spirituality also plays a huge role for some of the interviewees. Morehu Te Maro says "It's a spiritual strength you need to grab hold of. Because in a lot of cases that's all you need, that's all you got left." 

It looked like this monster inside of you, lurking in there; because the picture wasn't very clear.
– Morehu Te Maro on how his cancer looked

Key Cast & Crew

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John Chrisstoffels


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Aroha Yates-Smith

Composer of Waiata

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Ian McDonald

Musical Arrangements

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Peter Young


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Kathleen Gallagher

Director, Producer

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Therese Gallagher-Power

Editorial Advisor

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Produced by

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WickCandle Film


Made with the assistance of The Cancer Society of New Zealand – Te Kāhui Matepukupuku o Aotearoa

The Cancer Society recognises the right of each individual to make their own choice regarding treatment. Not all views expressed in this film represent Cancer Society policy



Waiata composed and performed by Aroha Yates-Smith

Harp and flute performed by Bob Bickerton

Taonga pūoro performed by Richard Nunns