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Hero image for Heartland - Alexandra

Heartland - Alexandra

Television (Full Length Episode) – 1995

I'm singing at a wedding this afternoon ... hopefully all the wedding guests can get through the snow.
– Alexandra local and star singer Debbie Vercoe on the bitter July weather
Nothing like a good family feud.
– Gary McCormick on the knotty family history of Earnscleugh Station
I'm a farmer... trekking through the snow at the moment trying to keep the sheep alive. Things aren't much fun out there at the moment.
– Farmer Donny Maclean on the realities of farming in July in Central Otago
Just walk around and mingle with the crowd and yeah, just don't stand in a wee huddle and just yeah, be natural, be yourself.
– The reigning Blossom Festival Queen Sharleen Hayward shares advice for the contenders
Very light handed, yet very aggressive, so ... there's been one or two shearers walking around with one or two eyes gouged out of them over the years.
– Champion shearer Mana Te Whata jokes with Gary about the tricky nature of shearing Merino sheep
I don't think they're going to breed in there, if that's what you mean...
– Kindergarten teacher Chrissy Parker on Gary McCormick's concern about dressing the kids up as rabbits for a float
It's almost big enough to play tennis on, by the looks of it.
– Gary McCormick takes in a walk on the Earnscleugh Station homestead roof.
It does mean a lot, really, you've sort of been here since day dot. You get the crook weather and think 'we're moving North' but oh, then you don't, really.
– Farmer Donny Maclean on his family's deep farming ties in Central Otago
This is the design for this year is it? This is monstrous!
– Gary McCormick is amazed at the size of the Catholic parishioners' Blossom Festival float
Isn't that poignant? Like all of us, they will fade one day.
– Gary McCormick shows his poetic side talking to the Catholic parishioners about making paper blossoms
Traffic lights on the corner of Tarbert St and Centennial Avenue.
– Blossom 'Prince' Tony McAuliffe on what he'd change about Alexandra if he could
Take them to the clock, you know, which is the main thing and look out over Alexandra and um, my Dad's got a goldmine so I'll probably take them out there.
– Blossom Festival Princess Gabrielle Hinchey on Alexandra's hot spots
A popular choice.
– The MC at the Blossom Festival Queen cocktail party on the warm welcome for sole 'Prince', Tony McAuliffe