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Herbs - Songs of Freedom Film (Trailer) – 2019 Music

Herbs - Songs of Freedom

Film (Trailer) – 2019 Music

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It's one thing to hold a placard, chant and march against a dragon. It's another to pick up a red guitar and slay the dragon with reggae, and that's Herbs.
– Producer Reikura Kahi on Herbs and the power of their music, The NZ Herald, 17 June 2019
Having these men together, in the room, on stage, sharing their songs with each other was a very special experience and also a tough experience looking back because three men that have been an integral part of Herbs are no longer with us, but they're all in the film.
– Director Tearepa Kahi in an interview with Radio New Zealand, 18 June 2019
It was at Bastion Point that I learnt the power of music. We were up there through the sun, the rain and the cold.
– Herbs vocalist and guitarist Dilworth Karaka talks about the landmark protest that marked a turning point in his life