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Hero image for How the Other Half Lives - Hare Krishnas  (Series One, Episode Three)

How the Other Half Lives - Hare Krishnas (Series One, Episode Three)

Television (Full Length Episode) – 2009

Reality TV host Marc Ellis tones down his laddish antics to present this series on other cultures and beliefs. In this episode he asks "what makes the Hare Krishna tick...what makes them so happy all of the time?". Ellis moves in with a Krishna community in West Auckland, where his strikingly casual guide teaches him what it is to be a Hare Krishna. Late night and early morning dance sessions prove to be less of a struggle than anticipated for Ellis, who seems to fit right in — although the haircut might be a little close, and the proximity of the local pubs a temptation too far.

I can live without the gambling but the other three to be fair, given my hedonistic existence, I could struggle with. Basically, you know, when they look at me coming in there I'm pretty close to the antichrist.
– Marc Ellis on giving up meat, alcohol, sex and gambling

Key Cast & Crew

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Ross Peebles


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Terry King

Sound Recordist

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Mandy Harris

Associate Producer

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Kath Graham

Network Executive

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Ric Salizzo

Series Producer

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Mark Taylor


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Includes music by Antix