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Hero image for Islands of the Gulf - Waiheke

Islands of the Gulf - Waiheke

Television (Full Length Episode) – 1964

In this episode from New Zealand television's first local documentary series, pioneering woman broadcaster Shirley Maddock visits Waiheke Island in the Hauraki Gulf — just "11 miles" from downtown Auckland. A slow boat trip has kept it as the preserve of holidaymakers and retirees, but faster transport is on the way. Delving into island life, 1960s style, Maddock is eloquent and engaging as she meets local identities, and visits a wedding, a 21st, and a primary school sports day. Maddock also ponders Waiheke’s past, present and future, as Auckland inevitably reels the island in.

Home go the weekenders back to the mainland with bundles and baskets and babies, and sticky bunches of wild belladonna lilies, pushing their tired sandy feet up the gangway.
– Writer/presenter Shirley Maddock, near the end of this episode

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