Intrepid journeys borneo tim shadbolt key image.jpg.540x405.compressed

Intrepid Journeys - Borneo (Tim Shadbolt)

Television, 2004 (Full Length Episode)


This is New Zealand

Short Film, 1970 (Excerpts)

Centennial city key image.jpg.540x405.compressed

Centennial City

Short Film, 1949 (Full Length)

Good times two key image.jpg.540x405.compressed

Good Times Two

Short Film, 1968 (Full Length)

Royal tour 1927 key image.jpg.540x405.compressed

Royal Tour 1927

Short Film, 1952 (Full Length)

Amazing new zealand key image.jpg.540x405.compressed

Amazing New Zealand!

Short Film, 1964 (Full Length)


Auckland City of Sunlight

Short Film, 1946 (Full Length)


Beautiful New Zealand

Short Film, 1949 (Full Length)


Before the Operations Begin

Television, 1999 (Full Length)


C'mon to New Zealand

Short Film, 1969 (Full Length)

Come on to new zealand key.jpg.540x405.compressed

Come on to New Zealand

Short Film, 1980 (Full Length)



Television, 1997–2002


Havoc and Newsboy’s Sell-Out Tour 2 - Suck Out the Venom

Television, 2000 (Full Length Episode)

Havoc   newsboy s sell out tour   gay man s rock.jpg.540x405.compressed

Havoc and Newsboy's Sell-Out Tour - Gay Man's Rock

Television, 1999 (Full Length Episode)


Holiday for Susan

Short Film, 1962 (Full Length)

Ij1 bolivia.jpg.540x405.compressed

Intrepid Journeys - Bolivia (Peta Mathias)

Television, 2003 (Excerpts)

Intrepid journeys   cambodia  kerre mcivor  thumb.jpg.540x405.compressed

Intrepid Journeys - Cambodia (Kerre Woodham)

Television, 2004 (Full Length Episode)

Ij2 china.jpg.540x405.compressed

Intrepid Journeys - China (Katie Wolfe)

Television, 2004 (Full Length Episode)

Intrepid  kim hill in cuba key title.jpg.540x405.compressed

Intrepid Journeys - Cuba (Kim Hill)

Television, 2005 (Full Length Episode)

Ij2 east  timor.jpg.540x405.compressed

Intrepid Journeys - East Timor (Karyn Hay)

Television, 2004 (Excerpts)

Egypt marcus lush.jpg.540x405.compressed

Intrepid Journeys - Egypt (Marcus Lush)

Television, 2003 (Excerpts)

Intrepid journeys   india with pio terei key.jpg.540x405.compressed

Intrepid Journeys - India (Pio Terei)

Television, 2004 (Full Length Episode)

Ij3 indonesia.jpg.540x405.compressed

Intrepid Journeys - Indonesia (Andrew Fagan)

Television, 2005 (Full Length Episode)

Ij1 kenya.jpg.540x405.compressed

Intrepid Journeys - Kenya (Peter Elliott)

Television, 2003 (Excerpts)