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Hero image for Islands of the Gulf - Waiheke

Islands of the Gulf - Waiheke

Television (Full Length Episode) – 1964

Being single and the youngest of a close and loving family meant I that could be as devoted to my work as any religious to her vocation. Time after time, with not a backward glance, I went darting off to one island or another, owing responsibility to nothing but the job in hand.
– Shirley Maddock in the Islands of the Gulf book (Revised Edition) Collins, 1983 p 14
Home go the weekenders, back to the mainland with bundles and baskets and babies and sticky bunches of wild belladonna lilies, pushing their tired sandy feet up the gangway.
– Shirley Maddock, Islands of the Gulf
Television news, interviews and documentaries were skills nobody knew anything about when the medium arrived here. Shirley's background in radio and theatre, combined with her extreme intelligence, helped put together groundwork which has remained a benchmark lasting to this day as the industry has flourished.
– Max Cryer remembers Shirley Maddock (Sunday Star Times, 14 Oct 2001)
People at that time were used to a constant diet of overseas programmes. Suddenly they saw places on TV they knew — it was their own country.
– Shirley Maddock on Islands of the Gulf (Women’s Weekly - 14 March 1983 p28)