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Islands of the Gulf - Waiheke Television – 1964 Documentary

Islands of the Gulf - Waiheke

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In this episode from NZ television’s first local documentary series, pioneering producer Shirley Maddock visits the Hauraki Gulf island of Waiheke — just 11 miles from downtown Auckland. A time consuming boat trip has kept it as the preserve of holidaymakers and retirees but faster transport is on the way. In a nicely judged delve into island life, Maddock is eloquent and engaging as she meets local identities, visits a wedding, a 21st, and the primary school sports day — and ponders Waiheke’s past, present and future, as Auckland inevitably reels it in.

Key Cast & Crew

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Don Whyte


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Shirley Maddock

Presenter, Director, Producer

Being single and the youngest of a close and loving family meant I that could be as devoted to my work as any religious to her vocation. Time after time, with not a backward glance, I went darting off to one island or another, owing responsibility to nothing but the job in hand.
– Shirley Maddock in the Islands of the Gulf book (Revised Edition) Collins, 1983 p 14

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