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Television (Full Length) – 2000

In this documentary, writer and adopted Cantabrian Joe Bennett explores the north/south divide, where the dividing line is the Bombay Hills — Jafa being an acronym for a somewhat impolite term for Aucklanders. Bennett is in sparkling form, mischievously stirring the pot of regional prejudice as he travels the country, asking exactly what non-Aucklanders think about the inhabitants of the City of Sails. The deep south has never looked so hardy, cold or desolate; meanwhile the congested motorways of Auckland appear to be paved with lattes and cellphones.

In dog they trust down here, and well they might. For Auckland’s forgotten them, the weather’s forsaken them, and the sheep’s back they’ve ridden for so long and so well has snapped.
– Joe Bennett (in the South Island)

Key Cast & Crew

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Joe Bennett


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Bill Toepfer


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Richard Riddiford

Director, Producer

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Terry Murphy

Sound Mix

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Dave Cameron

Camera Operator

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Tony Burrows

Camera Operator

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