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Film (Full Length) – 1989


This comedic thriller from writer/director Richard Riddiford (Arriving Tuesday)  plays out in pre-crash 80s Auckland, with the CBD skyline changing weekly, brick-sized phones, shadowy corporations on the rise and the share market on everyone's lips. With a second harbour crossing due to be announced, a telephone operator (future events maestro Mike Mizrahi) and a waitress moonlighting as a dominatrix (Lucy Sheehan) become ensnared in a web of corporate greed and blackmail. Chris Knox provides the music. The extensive outdoor sequences include a memorable chase scene at Kelly Tarlton’s.

Zilch! is quirky and offbeat. The opening shot of Lucy Sheehan clad only in a black plastic apron, doing her best dominatrix number with ripe tomatoes in the privacy of someone’s bathroom, lets you know instantly the movie is going to be fascinating.
– Reviewer John Parker in Metro magazine

Produced by

  • Park Avenue Productions

  • Vardex Group


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