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Journeys Across Latitude 45 South (part two) - A Little Continental

Television (Full Length Episode) – 1985

Central Otago’s broad, dry landscape is dominated by an extreme climate; it is scarred by wind, ice and industry. Deep mining shafts and long rusted sluicing guns pepper this second stage of Peter Hayden’s traverse across latitude 45 south. He visits the quartz covered Mt Buster, NZ’s highest diggings, where unseasonal blizzards often claimed miners’ lives. The layout of Naseby’s graveyard yields information on the hierarchy of the goldfields. The flora includes mountain totara, carnivorous sundews and a heather variety that grows horizontally. Hayden won a GOFTA award for his script.

Key Cast & Crew

Profile image for Neil Harraway

Neil Harraway

Director, Producer

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Peter Hayden

Writer, Presenter

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Ceidrik Heward


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Errol Samuelson


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Mike Pearce


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Suzanne Da-Rin


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