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Neil Harraway

Producer, Director

Neil Harraway was with natural history company NHNZ, back when it first began as TVNZ's Natural History Unit. The reporter turned producer would later work extensively in colder climes — producing 1989 documentary Under the Ice, which saw him diving in the Antarctic, writing penguin tale Emperors of the Antarctic, and directing on Journeys across Latitude 45 South and early award-winner Island of Strange Noises. Harraway stayed on at NHNZ in development and marketing until 2013. These days he runs Dunedin-based tour company Monarch Wildlife Cruises, with his partner Anita Chan.

Your fresh breath can freeze your regulator open, and it did on our very first dive ... (you) just had to breathe from the bubbles gouting out of the regulator ... After ten minutes your fingers go cold, your toes go numb. It's like diving on the edge. All your senses are kind of heightened. It was fantastic. Neil Harraway on diving below the Antarctic sea ice, for 1989 documentary Under the Ice